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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small alphanumeric file that is saved to a user's computer the moment you access certain websites. Cookies allow the website to identify the user's interest in what the user has selected when returning to the site. The cookie itself does not contain or collect information. However, when the server prepares it in combination with an Internet browser, it can help the website deliver a more personalized service to the user - for example, by remembering previous purchases or account details. Cookies are stored in your browser's memory and each usually contains information such as the name of the server from which the cookie was sent, the cookie's lifetime, and the value (usually a randomly generated unique number).

How can you disable cookies?

If you wish, you can prevent cookies from being stored on your computer, but blocking all cookies could have a negative effect on the use of many websites, including pages from the Cookie settings can be controlled and configured in your web browser. If you want to delete or disable cookies on your computer, you need to update your browser settings (for information on how to delete and disable cookies, go to your browser by selecting the help menu).

Internet privacy policy

The Internet Privacy Policy protects the privacy of its customers and takes care of their personal data in the wake of the General EU Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 / EC (hereinafter: the Regulation) and the Law on Implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation NN 42/2018 . The Internet Privacy Policy ENEL Split d, oo publishes transparently and publicly the ways in which it processes personal data solely in accordance with the principles of the Regulation.

Privacy and data security statement

This privacy statement applies to the confidentiality of personal information collected in the process of using the website, or in the process of reporting users and / or recipients of news and promotions from ENEL Split doo (newsletter application). ENEL Split doo, as a provider of services for the domain website, complies with the regulations in force in order to protect the privacy of its Users, and in particular the General Regulation on the Protection of EU Personal Data. All employees of ENEL Split doo are responsible for compliance with the principles of data protection.

Personal data:

According to the Regulation, personal information is all information relating to an individual whose identity is identifiable or identifiable (the "respondent"), and an individual or respondent as he is called by the Regulation, whose identifiable identity is a person who can be identified directly or indirectly .


According to the Regulation, processing means - any process or set of operations performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether by automated or non-automated means such as collecting, recording, organizing, structuring, storing, adjusting or modifying, finding, performing insights, use, disclosure by transfer, spread or otherwise make available, synchronize or combine, restrict, delete or destroy.

Data collection:

ENEL Split doo collects solely personal information that you enter and submit with your will. The information is collected through available newsletter web forms or through contact with our employees. We collect information for the purpose of contacting you and other specifically stated purposes based on your preference. We collect some of the information automatically through web cookies, which she can read more about in the web cookies section.

Web cookies:

We use web cookies on our site to represent information uploaded to a personal computer or mobile device at the time you browse the website. Their purpose is to tailor our website to give you the best experience and to serve you as an effective source of the information you need.

Storage and protection:

Personal data will be stored and processed in accordance with the Regulation. ENEL Split doo continuously takes all reasonable technical and organizational measures to preserve the security of your information and we ask all external contractors for the same. Access to your personal information is restricted to prevent unauthorized access, alteration or misuse.

Your rights:

We provide you with the conditions to help you decide on the processing of your personal information. First of all, we give you the following rights:

  • Right to access data

You have the right to request confirmation of whether we are processing your information and, if so, to have access to that information. In the event that we process a large amount of data relating to you, we may ask you to specify your request for the submission of particular specific groups of data that we process about you.

  • Right to rectification

If you find that we are processing inaccurate or incomplete information about you or want to change it, you have the right to request correction of the same or to supplement incomplete personal information. In order to ensure that we always process only accurate personal information about you, you need to notify us without delay of any changes to them.

  • Right to erasure ("right to be forgotten")

Deletion of personal information may be required, for example, if you have withdrawn your consent to the processing of your particular data, when your personal data is illegally processed or when your data are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected or in any way processed. However, please note that we will not be able to delete your information if it is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations, contractual obligations and other legal bases of the General Data Protection Regulation.

  • Right to Restrict Processing

You have the right to obtain a restriction on the processing of your personal data, which may be required, for example, if you have objected to the processing of the data, have doubts about the accuracy of the personal data being processed or the lawfulness of their processing, but you do not want the data to be deleted or you still need it to fulfill legal requirements.

  • Right to object

At any time, depending on your particular situation, you are entitled to object to the processing of personal data relating to you, which is why we will restrict the processing of such personal data. Also, we will delete and cease processing the information unless we prove that there are reasoned and justified legal grounds for retaining it for processing. In addition, you have the right at any time to object to the processing of your personal information for direct marketing purposes. Once your complaint has been filed, your personal information will cease to be processed for this purpose.

  • Right to complain to supervisory authority

If you believe that the processing of your personal data is in violation of the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority. For the territory of the Republic of Croatia, the supervisory authority is the Personal Data Protection Agency , with its registered office at: Martićeva ulica 14, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia, tel .: +385 1 4609 000.

  • Right to Withdrawal

If the processing of your personal information is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any time, without any consequences.

You may require the exercise of these rights:

By registered letter - By e-mail:

Note - Applicant identification is required when making an application.

- if you send us a request by letter or e-mail, please enclose a legible copy of your valid ID, if necessary, and a valid power of attorney

Identification is necessary to protect you as the owner of your personal information.

Modification of the Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement may be modified by ENEL Split doo at any time by posting a modified text of the Privacy Statement on our website. Therefore, we invite you to periodically review this Privacy Statement, which will indicate any new changes, if any, in the previous period. If the User does not agree with this Privacy Statement, we encourage the User to leave and do not access, and does not use, web pages from the domain The amendment to the privacy statement will take effect immediately upon its publication on the domain website

Continued use of the ENEL Split doo Websites after the changes take effect implies that the User acknowledges and accepts the amended Privacy Statement.


For any additional questions you can contact us by mail at:
With the indication "Data protection"