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Villa MiraMar is a modern, cosy place for your rest and relaxation in Nemira. It is located just within a 3-minute walk from the splendid, crystal-clear Adriatic Sea; and you can reach the centre of the town of Omiš after a 30-minute stroll along the coastline.

If the romance of a quiet coastal town appeals to you, Villa MiraMar will provide an ideal vacation for two, away from the chaos of big cities and motorways. The Adriatic Sea in Nemira is warm, thanks to the coast features and sea currents. There is a path under the shade of branchy pine trees, running all the way from the villa to a clean pebble beach by the azure sea.

Without doubt, a special atmosphere of the beach is created by its seclusion and nature, untouched by “civilisation”: it is not crammed with sun loungers, and it welcomes guests from Nemira’s hotels and villas exclusively, even at weekends, which is essential for a high-quality, quiet rest. Thanks to the town’s location and the shape of the coastline, summer sunsets here last for a long time and give our guests a chance to spend more time swimming in the warm sea and enjoy the best scenery. Croatia is the land of 1,000 islands, which stretch in a closely-spaced string along the mainland and look like far banks of a wide river; but in Nemira these islands begin to scatter, and the sea touches the sky, shaping a horizon line and bringing back a pleasant feeling of being on the seashore.

On the beach, you can rent a catamaran or a boat for a sea trip, a surfboard, or a sun lounger for extra comfort.

You can complete a hot day on the Omiš Riviera in a quiet and cosy seaside restaurant, while having a nice dinner and drinking a glass of wine – that will be especially pleasurable for tireless romantics or a young couple in love.

Despite Nemira’s tranquil and peaceful atmosphere, any traveller can find a café or a bar to their liking, buy food in local shops, exchange money for a reasonable rate – and all these things are within easy reach.

Have you got a beautiful suntan, filled yourselves with positive energy, and are ready to spend it? In this case, Nemira offers its visitors an exciting cruise programme, which includes trips to nearby islands and lunch right on the boat.

Of special note are the Dalmatian Mountains that surround Omiš; that is why the town is famous for its extreme tourism: zip-lining across canyons, rafting in the delta of the river Cetina, kayaking, paragliding, mountaineering, as well as hiking and trekking along special routes in the local area will be perfect activities for tourists who appreciate mountain landscapes.

Rafting on the cleanest mountain river Cetina is an ideal adventure for families with children, as the river rapids are quite moderate and calm. On the way you will enjoy the beauty of nature in the wild, see cascades of rivers, waterfalls, caves and canyons with rich flora and fauna.

In the town of Omiš, situated along the banks of the river Cetinа, you will find cosy little restaurants offering a wide variety of local cuisine. Most of the restaurants have playgrounds, and ducks and drakes, who are attracted by food that tourists give them, float in the river – this will certainly please junior visitors of Omiš.

No nightlife entertainment is available in Nemira.

If you love clubbing, we recommend that you should visit Omiš, whose local bars and discos will definitely be to your liking. And a mobile funfair will open its doors for kids.

The town of Omiš is surrounded by the ancient Mosor rocks. The town will impress you with its rich history, stunning landscapes and beautiful architecture. Here you will immerse yourselves in the Middle Ages, with their massive fortresses – Mirabella and Starigrad, taste traditional drinks, see how the river Cetina flows into the Adriatic Sea and, certainly, visit the nearest islands, which hide a lot of mysteries.

Your vacation will be unforgettable if you decide to stay at Villa MiraMar!

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