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Group programs

Gastronomic group tours to Croatia "Gourmet Paradise"



A pearl of the Adriatic that will simply enchant you with the crystal clear sea and blue sky. In this manner, those who have been lucky to visit this amazing country often speak about Croatia. It is also a real Paradise for gourmets who are hungry for unusual gastronomic discoveries. It is nice to find that the national cuisine of the country is as diverse as  Croatian  landscapes. The good old culinary traditions of Croatia combined with the influence of the cuisine of neighboring countries, and as a result, the cuisine of this country is considered one of the best! We invite you to visit Croatia with a  special gastronomic tour.

Lovers of gastro-tourism in Croatia have a lot on things to see and taste: a variety of seafood, oysters, unusual national dishes, black and white truffles, various  type of wine, cheese, meat and etc. In any town, you can always find real Mediterranean cuisine. Fish of all sorts, shrimps, mussels, lobsters, squids, cuttlefish, octopuses – everything is fresh, only caught from the sea.The most famous fish meal in Croatia is brodet, an excellent fish stew with spicy spices and red wine.

From meat dishes, as delicious as anywhere, here they cook lamb and suckling pig on a spit, keeping it at the heat for 4-5 hours. Lovers of seafood should definitely try black risotto with cuttlefish ink. And of course, exotic lovers will taste here frogs feet, prepared in an excellent way.

Croatian vineyards attracts hundreds and  thousands of tourists. This is very pleasing to gourmets who are used to elite products and are ready to go to the end of the world for new gastronomic discoveries. Many varieties of local wines are served to high-ranking guests and royalty, and a large number of vine are exported. The aroma and bouquet of this wine will be a real discovery. Different regions of the state are traditionally considered the birthplace of certain type of wine. There are places where you can taste the maximum number of wine varieties, where the wine list contains more than two hundred names. There is something to get excited about. Many tourists come from other countries, just to get amazing, incomparable emotions from the taste and aroma of real Croatian wines.

If you have not discovered the gastronomic attractions of this Sunny country yet, welcome to Croatia!

We offer you to go to a real "Gourmet Paradise", this is the name of our proposed gastronomic tour, which includes 8 days of excellent taste sensations, excursions and tastings.

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Mini group yoga tours to Croatia "Paradise for body and soul"


If you want to enjoy relaxing yoga, and at the same time relax on the sea, breathe in the aroma of pine needles, please your eyes, soul and body, then this yoga tour is for you. Eight days of immersion in yoga practice on the Adriatic coast!

Active practices at dawn and meditation at sunset can energize and give you a sense of peace and harmony. This is what is so lacking in our world with its ebullient rhythm, this is what will help you find peace of mind. The yoga course is created for beginners, so do not doubt your abilities. There will be many surprises in our program: interesting excursions, visits to amazing places for swimming and gastronomic pleasures. Professional instructors, guides and a photographer are at your service, who will be happy to give you the maximum impressions from this trip.


We offer you to go to a real "Paradise for body and soul", this is the name of our yoga tour, which includes 8 days of practices and meditations, excursions and tastings.

You can send a request for detailed information about the tour by e-mail:

Сontact us by phone: +385 21 879149


Group sports tours to Croatia "Be sport".


For outdoor enthusiasts, we have created this sports tour with a lot of programs. You can relax in a beautiful country, recharge your energy, maintain your health and have a great time in the company of like-minded people and fans of extreme sports.

The tour includes:

- Rafting on the river.

- Mountain hike.

- Bike rides.

- Rafting/canyoning (depends on the season).

- Horse walk.

- Wellness treatments with a professional physiotherapist.

We offer you to go on a group active tour "Be sport". Includes 8 days of active recreation on the beach, on the water and on the plain in the mountains.

You can send a request for detailed information about the tour by e-mail:

Contact us by phone: +385 21 879149